Pavilion Health Company, LLC’s Return Policy is to protect the integrity of our services and products as
well as our loyal customers. Customers have an expectation that the products received are compliant
and sanitary and our goal to meet those expectations.

PAVILION HEALTH COMPANY, LLC will accept returns on any unopened product within 10 days of the
original purchase date with a 15% Restocking Fee (see below). 

To qualify for acceptable returns the product must be in the original UNOPENED manufacturer’s
packaging. We cannot accept opened packages that have been resealed by the customer, this is still
considered an opened package and any and all refunds will be voided. Our original unbroken seal (DME
Supple USA places a label over manufacturer’s packages that are not in sealed packages for the safety of
our customers) must be on any packages received. If this label has been removed or tampered with any
and all refunds will be voided. 

Unacceptable Returns
Pavilion Health Company, LLC provides a variety of products some of which are personal healthcare
items that cannot be resold once the product has left our warehouse. Therefore, these items cannot be
returned and will not be refunded. The following list are general items and may not include all items
that fall under the category of NON-Returnable/Unacceptable Returns.

  •  Bedding (pillows, linens, etc.)
  •  Wound Care (dressings, etc.)
  •  Hospital Beds
  •  Wheelchair cushions
  •  Commodes
  •  Bath products
  •  Suction supplies and equipment
  •  Patient Aids

Restocking Fee
Pavilion Health Company, LLC has adopted a Restock Fee charge due to the costs incurred related to
shipping, packaging, and inventory. Restocking Fee will apply on all returns (incorrectly ordered,
returning instead of replacing per our policy, etc.). Some items noted as “non-returnable” may be
accepted on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to a higher restocking fee. 

Manufacturer Warranties
Some products such as Mobility, Sleep Therapy units, Oxygen, and others may carry a manufacturer
warranty. If your purchase malfunctions, call our office to verify the item is still under warranty. If so,
please call to arrange a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Warranty claim decisions are the
solely at the discretion of the manufacturer. Customer is responsible for shipping the product to our
office. Repair or replacement of the product can take up to 4 weeks depending on the manufacturer.

Manufacturers do not warranty against misuse or water damage. If water damage or misuse is
determined to be the cause of the malfunction, you will have a choice to have it returned to you at no
cost, have the machine repaired by the manufacturer (repair costs will be communicated and collected
before repairs are completed), or purchase a new product at current prices displayed on the website.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns. We are available via email
at, or via telephone at (314) 942-7382.